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Lets cover off Provo first. Provo is a city located within the US state of Utah. Currently estimated at 118,581 people, it is the third largest city in Utah and is located about 43 miles (69 km) south of Salt Lake City along the Wasatch Front.

The city is home to Brigham Young University's, one of the largest private higher education institutions in the United States and Provo is also home to the Peaks Ice Arena, which served as a venue for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002.

In 2009 Provo was listed in "Where to Retire" magazine as an "enticing city for new careers". Provo was also listed in National Geographic Adventure Magazine's "where to live and play" as a cultural hub.

On November 3rd, 2009 John Curtis was voted in as the new Mayor of Provo. In addition, Laura Cabanilla, Rick Healey, and Sterling Beck were elected to the council.

Provo is home to more than three dozen restaurants, and a couple of shopping centers. The Provo Towne Centre, a shopping mall, operates in Provo. Within the past two years, a number of small shops, music venues, and boutiques have popped up in downtown, along Center Street and University Avenue. Downtown has also begun regularly hosting "gallery strolls," held every first Friday of the month, featuring local artists.

Five Provo companies are listed on's Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. The largest, DieCuts With a View, is ranked number 1403 and has revenues of $26.2 million.Provo is a city located in Utah

Every July, Provo hosts America's Freedom Festival at Provo which includes the Stadium of Fire at BYU. It is held in LaVell Edwards Stadium, home to Brigham Young University's NCAA football team.

The Independence Day festivities are quite popular among local residents and have featured such notable figures as Bob Hope, David Hasselhoff, Reba McEntire, Mandy Moore, Huey Lewis and the News, Toby Keith, Sean Hannity, Fred Willard, Taylor Hicks. In 2008 the Blue Man Group, Glenn Beck and Miley Cyrus performed. The Jonas Brothers and Glenn Beck appeared in 2009.

Provo is also home to two other large festivals each fall. Festival Latinoamericano is an annual family oriented Labor Day weekend event in downtown Provo that offers the community a taste of the region's Hispanic culture through ethnic food, vendors, and performances.

The Sego Festival, highlights musicians, artists, and filmmakers based in Utah County. [Next]


And what about that Credit card?

Reduce credit card debt

“Reduce credit card debt and eliminate it before it assumes a horrifying shape” – This is really the gist of the story. So, how do you reduce credit card debt? Well, you reduce credit card debt by preventing it from increasing and by paying off what it is currently. Simple, isn’t it?

Not really. If it was that simple to reduce credit card debt, then we wouldn’t have had so many people with credit card debt related problems. We would have been able to reduce credit card debt problems and finally eliminate them (or reduce them significantly). There are all kinds of advice available on how to reduce credit card debt, but still nothing much seems to change. The problem still seems to persist and in fact, worsen. However, it’s not that difficult to reduce credit card debt. As we just said, there is a lot of advice available on how to reduce credit card debt and the only thing you need to do is put that advice, on how to reduce credit card debt, to practice in real life. Well, no one but you will benefit if you reduce credit card debt.

So the first step to reduce credit card debt is to prevent it from taking dangerous proportions. The 2 most important ways of implementing this step are – balance transfers and use of cash.

Balance transfer is often treated as the number one measure to reduce credit card debt. This is really something that can help reduce credit card debt by slowing down the pace at which your credit card debt is getting built. It also provides you relief in terms of the APR being 0% for initial 6-9 months (and hence helps reduce credit card debt faster). To reduce credit card debt using this mechanism, you need to transfer your balance from your current credit card(s) onto another credit card that has a lower APR than your current card. Thus you reduce credit card debt by preventing it from increasing so rapidly.

The other preventive measure to reduce credit card debt is to use cash instead of card (as such, hard earned cash is difficult to get out of pocket as compared to just a credit card). So you reduce credit card debt by not adding more to it. That is the simplest way to reduce credit card debt.

However, you can reduce credit card debt only if you stick to your resolution to reduce credit card debt; otherwise it will fail miserably.

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